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Favourite pieces

Ring with chalcedony Stainless steel rose gold coloured
Diamond ring with moonstone Stainless steel
Bracelet mat Stainless steel rose gold coloured
Biclolour ring with diamond Stainless steel rose gold coloured
Diamond pendant with moonstone Stainless steel, without necklace
Diamond huggies mat Stainless steel
and full of spirit
Diamonds, gemstones and high-quality leather are combined in the Xen collections with robust stainless steel. Every piece of jewellery reflects the Xen design code of "pure and full of spirit". Whether it's the selection of high-quality materials or superb standards of craftsmanship, there are no compromises. This is how we create the wonderful pieces of jewellery which become daily companions and lifelong favourites. This is where we show you behind the scenes of jewellery production. Dive into the world of Xen.
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